Attractions & Activities

There are many activities and attractions to enjoy within a 100km radius of the park wich makes it the perfect homebase when visiting the Namaqualand region.

Kuiervreugde Coffee Shop

Kuiervreugde is a small restuarant not too far from Verbe caravan park. With friendly service,  wholesome cooked meals and excellent coffee, you are sure to  reminisce about Ouma’s freshly baked cakes and old fashioned tea.The shop is full of trinkets and interesting goodies to buy – hand knits,  wooden toys and nicknacks.When looking for a true cultural experience, this is the right place to stop and linger.


Bowesdorp was formerly a town between Garies and Springbok, 60 km south of the latter. Established on the farm Wilgenhoutskloof and named after Henry Bowe, doctor in Namaqualand. Situated in a narrow valley between high mountains, there was not sufficient water or space for expansion, and the church, post office, police station and shops were moved to Kamieskroon, 7 km away. Bowesdorp is currently known as a ghost town to natives. Today the  old church muration still stands, attracting tourists to the area.

Darters Grave

Another local attraction in the area is the grave of Charles James Darter, a sharpshooter born in Cape Town and part of the British Army. Darter was killed in an ambush in 1902. His grave is located just North of Kamieskroon on the N7, and is popularly referred to as the smallest piece of Britain in the world. The site is identified by a pepper tree growing just next to the grave, and can be very easy to miss when driving past on the N7. You will also need to climb over a small fence to get up close, but people have made it relatively easy by placing big rocks to step on.

Skilpad Park

Just 17km northwest of Kamieskroon is the Skilpad section of Namaqua National Park. Twitchers and butterfly afficionados love it and it’s worth spending a few days here – even in ‘bad years’ the sandy plains are plastered with vivid orange. The dirt road that circles Skilpad takes you an overwhelming five kilometres through magnificent blooms. Halfway through is the “Roof of Africa” viewpoint, an area of huge granite domes affording panoramic views of the reserve and Kamiesberg mountains. Skilpad is situated on a ridge of hills that capture most of the rain blowing from the west coast. Because of this the flowers are consistently spectacular, even when other areas are not. Outside of springtime much of this area is used as grazing land for sheep, clearing the bushes that would suppress the growth of the annual daisies and break the continuity of colour.

Die Murasie Restaurant

On your way to Skilpad park be sure not to miss this stop. Die Murasie restaurant offers good food and the  tranquility of nature on your “stoep” you are looking for when visiting the area. Famous for their traditional dishes like “Bobotie”, you will not want to let the opportunity pass to experience this piece of culture. They also have a little section to buy homemade goods and souvenirs to remember your trip by.

Ship wreck in Hondeklip Bay

Hondeklip Bay has a unique and intriguing history of diamond digging, shipwrecks and fishing stories gone wrong. You will find this picturesque town only 87 km from Kamieskroon. One of the most famous shipwrecks in this town is the Aristea shipwreck. The Aristea was a fishing trawler for I&J until she was called into duty in WWII as a minesweeper. The Aristea met her unfortunate end on the rocks outside Hondeklipbaai after her captain drunkenly neglected his duties.


Kleinzee (or Kleinsee) is a small coastal town 173 km from Kamieskroon , set on the West Coast and best known for diamond mining. Situated in Namaqualand, the town was originally based around a mining community, but was declared a ‘ghost town’ in 2011 after its mining endeavours came to a halt and the population dwindled drastically. Today this town is still an attraction for many tourists for its beautiful beaches.

"Had a good camping experience at the resort with excellent ablution facilities."
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